FLOW Management System

The FLOW management system is a fully comprehensive system that enables you to effectively manage training activity within your organisation. This simple but effective management system is designed to allow you to reflect your organisational structure and hierarchy ensuring it can be tailored to your business needs.

Implementing FLOW

Designed for all sizes of business whether you have 10 or 10,000 staff, Flow can be easily and quickly implemented into your business.  The FLOW Management System can be linked to your HR or payroll systems ensuring a seamless transition of data reducing work load and administrative time.  This link will...

...ensure that all new staff added to your HR or payroll systems are automatically created in the management system

...deliver the correct modules in the correct order with commencement and due dates based on job title

...ensure that leavers are removed so reporting reflects real time results.

FLOW Reporting System

The FLOW management system is able to generate a number of reports that will provide you with up to the minute, comprehensive information on the progress of your people. You will get instant access to a variety of reports showing pass and fail statistics by module, individual, branch, area and region of your business depending on your requirements. It also offers in depth reporting on percentage marks, time taken and exam reports. All reports can be exported to Excel.

As well as ensuring your compliance and legislative requirements are met, the FLOW reporting system also provides an effective tool in setting performance benchmarks and in the development of your business.

FLOW Learning Record System (LRS)

Our Learning Record System adds a new dimension to FLOW Management System, allowing business to track the completion of all training activity. As well as FLOW modules the LRS allows you to track any other training undertaken such as classroom based workshops or on the job tuition.

Using job titles and career paths configured to your exact needs you can track the progress of your staff throughout their career with you allowing you to quickly discover your rising stars and potential managers of the future.

The FLOW LRS also incorporates an appraisal system where you can manage and store appraisals allowing you to track and manage employee performance.

With a full reporting function attached, the FLOW Learning Record System gives you an accurate and informative insight into your team.

FLOW Support

FLOW will provide training, guidance materials and ongoing support to your team to ensure your organisation gets maximum benefit from our management system. 




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