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our compliance suite

This suite of modules is ideal for all staff working in licensed premises, dispensing and serving alcohol to customers as well as those working in a kitchen and responsible for food.

Staff can train at their own pace and benefit from all the interactive learning techniques.  End of section tests and end of module exams ensure that staff complete their modules with a full understanding of their responsibilities and compliance with legislation.

Our endorsements include:

working in a kitchen

upon completion of our Working in a Kitchen module, you will:

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cellar management

upon completion of our Cellar Management module, you will:

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food safety

upon completion of our Food Safety modules, you will:

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upon completion of our Allergens module, you will:

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first aid

upon completion of our First Aid module, you will:

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health and safety

upon completion of our Health and Safety modules, you will:

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upon completion of our Personal Licence Holder module, you will:

Check out http://www.plhonline.co.uk for additional information on our PLH offering.

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upon completion of our Licensing modules, you will:

Our Licensing modules cover both England & Wales and Scottish legislation.

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Coming soon

We are always developing new modules to be added to our portfolio.

We are excited to be launching the brand new Flow Trend; a suite of micro-modules with an emphasis on fun, interactive learning. This suite offers a fresh look at some current industry trends, featuring modules such as: Craft Beer, Food Fest, Gin Lover and Hot Brews. Available early 2017.

Due to popular demand, we are developing The Management Suite; a range of modules including Leading a Winning Team and Employment Law. This suite of modules will be available from summer 2017.

Finally, we have added Flow Compact, a new range of short compliance modules, to our portfolio. This includes Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and Disability Awareness. In summer 2017 we will be releasing Equality and Diversity and Fire Marshal Training.

If you have any suggestions of additional modules you would like to see added to our suites we would be more than happy to hear from you.