Articles by: Leonore Espouy

Dec. 21, 2020


We are running out of new ways to describe this year. If you Google ‘Unprecedented’ and ‘Covid’ you will get 151,000,000 results. Well… 151,000,001 now :) With the Christmas season well under way we wanted to look back at this year at Flow and let you know what we’ve been up to.  

Dec. 10, 2020


Let’s paint a picture. We’ve all been there. You’re in a stuffy classroom. You have a large text heavy workbook in front of you and your instructor puts the three sentences of death up on the board.  

Nov. 13, 2020


Whether you are currently on lockdown 2.0 or struggling to understand a tier system, we can all agree that this year has been a rough ride, with no doubt more hurdles to come. The extension of the furlough scheme and whispers of a vaccine have come as a relief to many, and will help preserve so many jobs in our sector. To continue the theme of our wonderful industry pulling together to share advice and best practice, Flow Hospitality Training will be hosting two webinars (with some special guests)?to help ...

Nov. 11, 2020


Online learning platforms have come a long way since the days of 2D pages of text and clip art. With the ability to do so much more than deliver boring and ineffective compliance programmes, hospitality operators can now choose a partner that reflects their own unique styles and objectives, deliver interactive training, manage appraisals and communicate with staff all from one platform.

July 9, 2020


We have been blown away by the feedback to our reopening modules and are over the moon to be able to start visiting hospitality venues again. We want to continue to support you as best we can during this period so have come up with some useful ways you can be using your Flow platform as we exit lockdown...