Tag: Online-learning

Oct. 26, 2020


“The appraisal is dead. Long live the catchup.” This was the title of a recent article in The Guardian newspaper, citing various major employers across the globe choosing to replace annual appraisals with more regular and sometimes less formal ways of discussing an employee's performance, development, and feedback.  

Sept. 17, 2020


Wondering how to maintain consistent excellent service in your restaurant, but conscious of the challenges in retaining quality staff? You’re not alone. The hospitality industry is renowned for high employee turnover, making service consistency even more challenging. 

Sept. 1, 2020


The globally renowned Soho House & Co, has completed the roll out of the Flow Hospitality learning management solution across its business, becoming the first major operator to activate the recently released performance appraisal solution across a global estate for hospitality industry.