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Café Culture

Café Culture

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Café Culture is an innovative suite of modules specifically designed for those who work in the booming café and coffee shop industry. With superior knowledge and skills, help your business stand out from competitors, increase job satisfaction amongst staff, and impress your customers.

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Everything your staff need to know in order to produce fabulous tasting coffee, whether they are an expert Barista or a novice.

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Health and Safety

Enables your staff to work safely, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, in the café or coffee shop environment.

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Food Safety

Ensures that your staff comply with food safety legislation and maintain good working conditions and satisfied customers in your café or coffee shop.

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Counter Service

Focussing on customer service, this module guides your staff through the essential skills and knowledge required to take care of your customers in a café or coffee shop.

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Delivers the basic principles of Food Allergens, including the 14 most common and dealing with customer enquiries, as well as recognising the immediate signs of an allergic reaction.

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