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This suite of modules is ideal for all staff working in licensed premises, dispensing and serving food and alcohol to customers as well as those working in a kitchen and responsible for food.

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Food Safety (Level 1 & 2)

An essential for all kitchen and front of house staff that deal with food and drink throughout their working day. The module covers everything from legislation to hygiene.

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Food Allergens

Ensures your staff understand their responsibilities for allergens legislation, and advice on dealing with allergic reactions.

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Health & Safety (Level 1 & 2)

Provides the essentials of health and safety in the workplace, including good working practices for hazard prevention, first aid and fire prevention.

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Provides all mandatory training for staff dispensing and serving alcohol in licensed premises. Modules available for each of England & Wales, Scotland, and Republic of Ireland.

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Equality & Diversity

Contains essential information on equality and diversity, including legislation and how to recognise and respond to discriminatory behaviour. 

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Working in a Kitchen

Delivers a comprehensive and thorough learning experience on the basic skills and knowledge required for working effectively and efficiently in a kitchen.

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Disability Awareness

Ensures your staff know how to sensitively respond to disability, including an awareness of legislation and the proper processes to follow.

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PCI Data Security Standards

Provides essential information on processing payment cards, including security features, correct procedures and fraudulent behaviour.

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The Fire Marshal

Delivers the knowledge and skills required of workplace fire marshals, including legislation and how to prevent and respond to fire.    

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Cellar Management

Establishes and develops the required skills for working in a cellar; from delivery to storage right through to serving standards.

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First Aid Awareness

Delivers reliable, current first aid training and uses a multimedia approach to present correct procedures that should be followed.

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GPDR Foundations

Ensures a comprehensive understanding of GDPR regulations, including core principles, individuals’ rights, and penalties for data breaches.

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Establishes a complete understanding of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), as well as risks and responsibilities.

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Legionnaires' Disease

An important and informative compact module on the deadly risk of Legionnaires' Disease - explaining exactly what it is and how to control it in your hotel.

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