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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have a question that is not answered below please do not hesitate to call our helpdesk on 0844 445 7119 or email: help@flowhospitalitytraining.co.uk

  1. About Flow
  2. Accessing training
  3. Exams and Certificates
  4. Flow Zone 
  5. Purchasing
  6. Technical

1. About Flow

Q. What is Flow Hospitality Training?

Flow Hospitality Training is a fully online product which provides organisations with the training tools required to train and develop staff to build a successful career in the hospitality industry. For people that are looking to work in the hospitality industry the Flow modules provide a great platform for learning.  

Q. Is Flow training fully accredited?

The Flow modules and exams are fully endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality,  Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and accredited by the National Skills Academy [NSA].

All our modules are accredited by People 1st Quality Mark, the Institute of Hospitality, CPD and SQA.

Our Food Safety modules are also accredited by IQ, Health and Safety by RoSPA and our licensing modules are accredited by SQA.

SQA Privacy Policy can be found here.

Q. If I have any questions regarding the content of the modules who do I contact?

If you have any problems accessing the modules contact the helpdesk, available from 9am–6pm, Monday - Saturday, on 0844 445 7119 or email help@Flowhospitalitytraining.co.uk. Outwith these hours all emails and phone calls will be responded to within 24 hours.

Q. How quickly will I be contacted after inputting my initial enquiry?

A member of the Flow team will contact you within 24 hrs of your email or phone call.

Q. Can I get my Personal Licence Holder (PLH) qualification through Flow?

In order to gain your Personal Licence Holder qualification either APLH (E&W) or SCPLH (Scotland) you need to purchase the PLH training module from our sister company PLH Online (http://www.plhonline.co.uk).

Flow provides training on Licensing and Social Responsibility for front of house staff in either England & Wales or Scotland.

Q. Can my employees do the Flow modules at work and at home?

Yes, your employees can perform the training wherever is most convenient to you and them. The only think they'll need is a strong internet connection and a compatible device.

2. Accessing Training

Q. How quickly can my employees start the training?

As soon as their details have been set up on the system and an access code issued they can start the training.

Q. How do my employees access the training modules?

When their details have been set up on the Management System and the modules have been allocated then an email will be sent giving them their access code and detail on how they can access their training.

Q. What are access codes?

Each individual learner receives their own unique access code once they have been entered into the Flow management system (the Flow Zone). Trainees can create their own account with these details using their email address if this is provided by their company.

Q. Why is my access code saying it is invalid?

An invalid access code is a code that does not exist on our systems. Make sure you have entered the access code exactly as on the instructions given and that you have a connection to the internet. If you are sure you have entered the code correctly and have a working internet connection then please contact our helpdesk on help@Flowhospitalitytraining.co.uk  or 0844 445 7119 and we will be able to help you out.

Q. How long do the modules last?

The times can vary depending upon the level of training required.  However, on average, each module will take an individual approx 1.5hrs to complete. Bitesize modules are also available and we can build modules to your specifications.

Q. Are you required to complete the modules in any specific order?

Modules can be completed in any order, however, the system allows for modules and time scales to be input in any order your company requires.

Q. How do my employees consolidate their learning?

When returning to your place of work ensure that your employees put the training into practise as soon as possible. Where appropriate, give them as much guidance and support as appropriate.

3. Exams and Certificates

Q. What happens if employees fail the exam?

The failed exam screen will highlight to trainees the specific areas of the module that they should revisit to assist them in passing the exam the next time.  There is no limit on how many attempts a trainee can take to pass the exam.  

Q. Can my employees access the module after passing the exam?

Once a module is completed, only the support and reference materials attached to the module can be revisited.  The system does support creating "Refresher" modules should you feel your trainee needs to revisit certain parts of the training.  

Q. When will my employees receive their certificate?

The certificate can be printed at the end of each exam once they successfully pass. If they do not have access to a printer or if you have any difficulty in printing your certificate then you can access it at a later date via the system. Alternatively, a training manager within your organisation can access the management system and will be able to print certificates if needed.

4. Flow Zone

Q. What is the Flow Zone?

The Flow Zone is the management system which allows you to manage training, check progress and view results for all your staff. You can set up all of your company as individuals, branches, areas or regions, depending on the size and structure of your business. You can also allow different levels of access for different managers to the management system, depending on who you want to view what information.  Trainees logging into the Flow Zone get to see just their own training and career development information.

Q. How do I give my employees access to the training & exams?

Once you have purchased the training you will be asked to define who is to do the training via the management system. Once you have added your learners they will be emailed Training Instructions and they can get started training and sit their exams. If the learner does not have an email address you will be able to print off the Training Instructions for them. You will be able to review each employee's information and see if they have begun the training or not on the management system at any time.

Q. Once I have set up a learner and allocated modules can I amend the details? 

You can change their personal information and amend and delete modules at any time.

Q. Can I be specific as to what modules my staff can access?

Yes. Modules are allocated per individual, so you choose which staff receive access to which modules.

Q. How are my staff added to the system?

We support many different ways of adding your staff to the system.  We can link automatically with payroll systems and receive new joiners and changes to trainees in real-time.  For small organisations, we also support manually adding trainees to your account and automate where possible with you.

5. Purchasing 

Q. How do I purchase training?

Contact our sales team on 0844 445 7119 or enquiries@Flowhospitalitytraining.co.uk. 

6. Technical

Q. Why do I need a connection to the internet?

All our modules are hosted securely in the Cloud and therefore you will require an internet access with a reasonable broadband connection (Above 1MB/Sec).

Q. What are the minimum system requirements for the training module? 

The Flow system runs on all modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and above.  They can be used via traditional PCs or laptops as well as all the leading tablet devices (Apple, Samsung and Microsoft tablets).

The Flow system can also be accessed via modern mobile devices too though we do recommend for the best learning experience to use devices with larger screens.  Any mobile device accessing the modules should be on a strong wifi connection.