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our café culture suite

Café Culture is an innovative suite of modules specifically designed for those who work in the booming café and coffee shop industry. The knowledge and skills your staff will gain as they work through the modules will help your business stand out from competitors, increase job satisfaction amongst staff, and ultimately impress your customers.


Upon completion of our Coffee module, you will understand:

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health and safety level 1

Upon completion of our industry-endorsed Health and Safety Level 1 module, you will understand:

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food safety level 2

Upon completion of our industry-endorsed Food Safety Level 2 module, you will understand:

  • the different types of bacteria, the different types of food poisoning, and how food can become contaminated
  • how to store and prepare food by following safe working practices
  • the importance of working in a safe, hygienic and healthy workplace
  • the seven key principles of HACCP food management systems

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food allergens

Upon completion of our industry-standard Food Allergens module, you will understand:

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counter service

Upon completion of our Counter Service module, you will understand how to:

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coming soon

We are always developing new modules to be added to our portfolio.

Due to popular demand, we are currently developing, or planning to develop, learning modules based on a variety of different subjects such as Managing Time, The Good Sales manager, Modern Slavery, PEAT, Legionnaires, COSHH and Wellness & Wellbeing. This broad range of modules are designed to help your teams maximise their knowledge and performance.

If you have any suggestions for additional modules you would like to see added to our suites we would be more than happy to hear from you.