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tailor made

Flow is a versatile product that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation in a number of ways. Our aim is to ensure that you and your staff feel the system is tailor made for your business.

The Reference Reel enables bespoke information to be uploaded into the modules and retained by your staff as ongoing reference material. Specific questions can then be added to the module exam to test knowledge.

Our Module Builder is a clever but simple tool that enables you to build your own modules to enhance your learning and development portfolio.

Alternatively, we can work with you to adapt or fully bespoke our modules to suit the requirements of your business.

The log-in portal for your business can be customised using your own imagery and branding, helping to ensure your staff engage fully with the programme.

module builder

Our simple to use Module Builder allows you to build modules unique to your business. This provides you with a powerful means to enhance the learning and development portfolio of your business.

The Module Builder tool also supports a blended learning approach. It can be used to validate classroom based training through online exams which provides meaningful data on the success of face-to-face training courses.

All the modules you build yourself are also included in our Reporting Suite providing you with total visibility of all your training.

For an example of what the Module Builder can do for you, watch the video below.

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flow zone branding

You can customise The Flow Zone to take on a look and feel that is consistent with your own company branding. You can utilise your own images of your people and venues to ensure that personal touch.

Take a look at some of the branding we have applied with customers in the video below.

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bespoke modules

Our team of experts can work with you to develop Bespoke Modules unique to your business.  These modules will be built to your company guidelines, policies and brand ensuring the modules are directly relevant to the job your trainees are doing.

Check out the video below for some examples of our bespoke modules.

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reference reel

The Reference Reel allows you to attach your own materials. This means that company information such as policies, guidelines, menus and other items can be downloaded from the modules by your staff. This allows your staff to retain this information as ongoing reference material.

In addition, you can easily add custom questions to the modules to ensure that specific knowledge unique to your company can be tested.