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Information on the use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are not malicious and stored on your device when you visit a given website. They are used to record your browsing behaviour and store data that can be updated and retrieved later. Cookies are also used to remember your preferences, such as language selection, login details or page personalisation.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how you use a website such as how you arrived there: for example, whether you visited another website beforehand or were led there by an advertising banner.

What are the different types of cookies and how do we use them?

According on their purpose:

Technical cookies Technical cookies facilitate your browsing experience and your use of the different services offered on the website. For example, they are useful to help recognise you when you visit and wish to access to different areas of the web. They help speed up ordering processes and form completion, login, and allow easy access to functionalities (video, social networks, etc).
Personalisation cookies Personalisation cookies enable you to access services in line with your preferences (language, browser, settings, etc.)
Analytical cookies Analytical cookies are used to anonymously analyse visitor behaviour. This is useful when drawing up browsing profiles to help us improve our website.
Advertising cookies Advertising cookies enable us to better manage advertising space on our website. They also enable us to show you adverts in line with your behaviour and browsing habits. This information helps us understand your profile and personalise the advertising you see on your browser and other profiles or social networks

According to their timeframe:

Session cookies Cookies that are only active while the visitor is browsing the web page and are deleted as soon as that session ends.
Persistent cookies These cookies are stored on your device until they are manually deleted or until the end of the pre-established time limit for the cookie in question

According to ownership:

First-party cookies Cookies that are created and managed by us (the host domain), providing the service you are requesting as a user.
Third-party cookies Cookies that are created by a website other than the one you are visiting (ours, in this case). Therefore, it is the third-party domain that handles the data obtained through these cookies
You can see a summary of the cookies we use on our website in the table below:



Data gathered



Mapal_first_sessionFirst-party cookie( to store and report interactions from email and online marketing campaignsAnalyticsUntil session ends
wm_popup_[ID]First-party cookie( when pop-up windows appear.AnalyticsUntil session ends
wm_session_infoFirst-party cookie( when pop-up windows appear.AnalyticsUntil session ends
wm_session_popupFirst-party cookie( when pop-up windows appear.AnalyticsUntil session ends
klaroFirst-party cookie( cookie consent preferences.Analytics365 days
_ga, _ga[ID], _gid, _gat_UA-[ID] & _glc_au First-party cookie ( 

Web visitors' sessions

_ga y _gid: Used to distinguish one user from another

_gat y _gat_UA-[ID]: Used to limit the percentage of requests

_gali: Used to record which elements you interacted with on a previous page that led you to our website

_glc_au: Used by Google AdSense to gauge advertising efficiency

_ga & _ga[ID]: 2 years 

_gid: 1 day

_gat_UA-[ID]: 1 minute

_glc_au: 3 months

More information: Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google
cusid First-party cookie ( Identifies a session for each unique user enabling us to track which pages you visit in a 30-minute periodAnalytics30 minutes

First-party cookie ( 

Used to identify the last time you visited a specific pageAnalytics

30 minutes

cuvid First-party cookie ( Used to determine unique users visiting our website and updates this each time you visit.Analytics2 years
cd_optout_mapal-oscom_[ID] First-party cookie ( Cookie consent managementTechnical6 months
VISITOR_INFO1.LIVE Third-party cookie ( Visitor sessionsAnalytics

Approximately 240 days

Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google
YSC Third-party cookie ( User preferences and approval of request to avoid SPAMTechnical

Until session ends

More information:  

Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google

bscookie Third-party cookie ( Used to store a registered 2FA statusTechnical

2 years

More information: Cookie Table (
li_gc Third-party cookie ( Used to store your consent to non-essential cookiesTechnical

2 years

More information: Cookie Table (
bcookie Third-party cookie ( Safe browsing cookieTechnical

2 years

More information: Cookie Table (
lidc Third-party cookie ( Used for routingTechnical

1 day

More information

 Cookie Table (
AnalyticsSyncHistory Third-party cookie ( Used to store information about what time the LMS analytics cookie synchronises for users from designated countriesTechnical

1 month 

More information: Cookie Table (
UserMatchHistory Third-party cookie ( Synchronises LinkedIn user IDsAdvertising

1 month 

More information: Cookie Table (
lang Third-party cookie ( & Language managementPersonalisation 

Until session ends

More information: Cookie Table (

_pk_id.[ID]First-party cookie ( to store a few details about the user such as the unique visitor IDAnalytics13 months
_pk_ref.[ID]First-party cookie ( to store the attribution information, the referrer initially used to visit the websiteAnalytics6 months
_pk_ses.[ID], _pk_cvar.[ID], _pk_hsr.[ID]First-party cookie ( lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visitAnalytics30 minutes


MAPAL uses both first-party and third-party cookies for technical, personalisation, analysis and advertising purposes which handle device and/or connection data, as well as browsing habits for statiscal and advertising purposes.

For this reason, when you visit our website we ask for your consent in line with Article 22 EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)

You must be over 18 years old to provide us with your personal data, consent to our use of cookies, and also give us your express consent to our Privcy Policy.

MAPAL is a registered trademark belonging to the group of following companies: Mapal Software S.L, with its head office at C/Arte, 21 6ª Planta, Madrid 28033 (Spain); Flow Hospitality LTD, with its head office at Apex 3, 2nd floor (rear office), 95 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD (United Kingdom); Ideolys SAS, with its head office at 52 Rue Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 8500 La Roche-sur-Yon (France). GetCompliant 2013 AB, with its head office at  Hornsbruksgatan, 23b, Stockholm 117 34 (Sweden) and Savvie AS with its head office at Myntgata 2D 0151 Oslo (Norway). 


You can activate or deactivate cookies by following the instructions provided in your internet browser.


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