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Café Culture: Coffee shop training

Great coffee is only the half of it! There’s so much more to a smooth operation and we’ve got you covered in out coffee shop training modules, including food safety, allergens, service...and of course, a specialist course about coffee. 


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Our coffee shop modules include:

Food Allergens

Find out about different types of food allergens and how they can cause allergic reactions in the café environment. Gain useful knowledge on how to assist customers with enquiries about allergens and how to recognise the immediate signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction in the café environment.


Learn about the history of coffee drinking, and how to create different coffees for today’s consumers using specialist equipment. Learners will practise steaming and frothing milk to make a selection of coffees and find out how to make the perfect Espresso.

Counter Service

This resource covers the service skills and knowledge required to work in a café or coffee shop. Learners will process orders manually and electronically, and practise sales techniques including how to deal with complaints in order to enhance the customer experience.

Food Safety Level 2

In this resource, we cover food safety legislation relevant to your business, different types of bacteria, food poisoning, how food can become contaminated and the importance of working in a safe, hygienic and healthy work place.

All safe working practices are focussed for the café environment.

Health and Safety Level 1

Learn about your responsibilities with regard to health and safety legislation in a café environment. Topics include the importance of risk assessment, different types of accidents and how to prevent them, lifting and carrying heavy loads safely. Recognise how to prevent fire and the different types of fire extinguishers, and identify hazardous substances.

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