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Wellness: looking after employee wellbeing

Hospitality can be a fast-paced business, involve unsociable hours and risky situations. These resources will help you safeguard employee wellbeing in the mental and physical sense, as well as ensuring the safety of your guests. 


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Our wellness modules include:

Mental Wellness

Being mentally well allows you to think, feel and act in the best ways for your wellbeing. That has a positive impact on the wider team, your guests and ultimately your venue's reputation. This practical resource defines mental wellbeing and provides a safe space for learners to reflect on their own mental wellness.

Learners will explore stress-management techniques, ways to boost resilience and how to practise mindfulness. Finally, using the knowledge and skills developed, learners will create their own mental wellness plan.

Staying Safe and Sound

Safety should be a priority in and around your venue. How can you ensure that your team and your guests are as safe as possible? With Staying Safe and Sound, we support the duty of care you have to your team and your guests.

Learners will practise the key decision-making that prevents putting themselves and others at risk. They will explore ways to recognise risks, identify why vigilance is important and when and how to intervene safely.

Desk Space Ergonomics

Poor workspace layout and design are some of the main causes workplace injuries, which can impact productivity and ultimately, your revenue.

This resource defines the term 'ergonomics' and explores the problems that poor ergonomics can cause. lt uses current best-practice advice to address poor habits and help learners make positive changes. Your learners will leave with a personal ergonomics action plan, empowering them to make changes themselves and identify where they may need support.

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