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Road to Recovery

Challenging times call for creativity and resilience. These helpful resources will hopefully give you food for thought for increasing revenue, how to successfully diversify your business and deal with conflicting situations. 


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Our road to recovery modules include:

4 Ways to Build Revenue

The hospitality industry is facing unprecedented challenges. With this resource, your learners will learn how to pinpoint methods to generate revenue that will work in their venue, now and in the future. This resource gives best-practice advice on increasing customer numbers, growing sales amongst those customers and building customer relationships. Along with making the best use of the space available and ensuring your processes can support this increase in capacity, your learners will be equipped to implement new initiatives to increase revenue!

Takeaway and Delivery Success

With Takeaway and Delivery Success, you’ll learn how to successfully move into takeaway or delivery. You will explore how you can make the most of this income stream for your business. You will consider the initial factors that affect success and how to optimise your menu; you will learn how to choose the best delivery platform and what you need to do to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. This resource is packed with advice and guidance to allow you to provide end to end excellence for your customer and your business.

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with conflict can be tough whether it’s in your team or amongst your customers. You want to diffuse the situation calmly, resulting in a good outcome for all concerned. This resource is aimed at site leaders and frontline teams. It uses proven techniques and practice scenarios to prepare your learner for those tough conflict situations.

Your Smile Shines Through

An inspirational and thought-provoking animated video considering the challenges of customer service in a post-COVID era.

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