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Customised content for hospitality brands

You can choose Flow Learning resources off the shelf, but we also offer a range of options to help you create customised content. We can adapt our modules to suit your needs; create them yourself using out self-authoring tool, and we can also curate learning resources your team can browse at their leisure. 


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Tailor-made content to suit your needs

You might want something slightly different to the content we offer in our extensive learning library, but maybe don’t have the time. It’s perfectly normal, and we’re here to help. 

We’ll work alongside you to develop tailor-made content that’s specific to your brand and requirements, with gamification, dynamic content, animation features or bite-size modules. Our learning resources are a perfect addition to in-house learning, easily fitting in to your blended learning approach. 

Be your own author with our powerful tools

The Flow Learning management platform also offers you attractive and easy-to-use templates to create your own learning resources, when you need them. We offer two different authoring solutions that help you achieve your business goals and support the team to develop their own tailor-made content themselves. 

Module builder

Our simple and attractive templates give you the base to easily build your own content whenever you need it. Our module builder is attached to the Flow Learning management platform which offers you the flexibility to add content while saving you the time and hassle of designing it from scratch. 

Authoring tool

The professional authoring tool will enable you to become more self-sufficient and fully create your own customised content. You choose from a range of modules and include quizzes, questions, add media, among other formats. Ready-made templates help you to create content from scratch while offering you hints and tips along the way. Your content will be fully mobile responsive with no extra setup required. It’ll also be fully accessible to hearing or sight-impaired learners as it’s based on HTML5. 

Curated content

Learning doesn’t always have to be in the form of modules and courses. There’s so much external information that could benefit your team, but you probably don’t have the time to sift through it.  

Leave it to us: we’re already curating a valuable library of external resources that could be of interest to you and your team. Choose what you think will interest them from what we’ve already collected. Just use Flow Learning’s reporting tools to see how your people are engaging and which resources are the most popular. 

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