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Service: offer a great guest experience

Your business success depends on the quality of the guest experience. With these modules, you can be sure your team have the tools and the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities. 

After all, great service means happy guests and a healthier bottom line!  


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Our service modules include:

The Bartender

Learn what makes a good bartender, including how to provide excellent customer service. Find out how to store and serve different products using correct bar and cellar equipment. This resource will also guide learners through the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and explain how to measure and dispense alcohol legally

Cask Ale

Your learners will study the journey of cask ale from production to storage. They will learn how to pour the perfect pint and identify the best cask ale to pair with different foods.


Learn about the history of coffee drinking and how to create different coffees for today’s consumers using specialist equipment. Steam and froth milk to make a selection of coffees and acquire the skills to make the perfect Espresso.

Creating Cocktails

Find out how changing tastes have influenced new cocktail recipes over the years. Use different techniques and equipment to make classic cocktails, and learn how to balance flavour and strength by experimenting with ingredients. 

Customer Service

This resource covers the complete customer service from first impressions to dealing with customer complaints. Learners will practise working effectively within a team to create a successful customer service.

Service that Sells

Identify the skills required to become an effective and confident sales person, and practise correct sales techniques to recognise sales opportunities and successfully convert to sales while upselling to your customers.

The Waiter

Gain practical waiting and serving skills required for working in a restaurant covering a complete ‘Order of Service’. This includes setting a table, using the correct techniques for carrying plates and trays, and familiarisation with ordering and serving different menus and food types.


Recognise the different characteristics of new and old world wines through tasting sessions. Present and serve wine to your guests and learn how to pair wine with food.

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