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Service Suite

Service Suite

Essential skills

for great service


Whether you run a busy city centre bar, a hotel, a coffee shop or a nightclub, Flow training will equip your staff with essential skills: everything from weights and measures responsibilities, product knowledge, drink presentation and, of course, taking care of customers.

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Provides an in depth and engaging introduction to the wonderful world of wine, using interactivity to make the details memorable.

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Aproned waitress serving a tray of cocktails with fruit garnishes and multiple striped straws

Creating Cocktails

Helps beginner cocktail connoisseurs learn how to serve up high quality cocktails with confidence, knowledge and flair.

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Cask Ale

Teaches staff how to navigate the world of cask ale - Ensuring they understand how to store, prepare and serve them correctly.   

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Bartender wearing apron leaning against beer brewing vats

The Bartender

Equip your staff with the essential skills required to set up and efficiently run a professional bar, while giving great service and generating repeat custom.

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Service That Sells

Maximise sales within your business through excellent service, with a direct benefit on the bottom line of your organisation.

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Waiter seating two customers

The Waiter

Enables your staff to provide high quality service in a confident and relaxed manner, exceeding customer expectations at all times.

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Customer Service

Ensure your staff exceed customer expectations by differentiating an average customer service experience from a memorable one.

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Latte in white cup with saucer


Help staff to become coffee connoisseurs by teaching them how to serve a delicious tasting coffee every time.

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